Book reviews


Books reviewed:

Day, S. and Ward, H. (eds), Sex Work, Mobility and Health in Europe.

Engelhardt, H.T. and Cherry, M.J. (eds), Allocating Scarce Medical Resources: Roman Catholic Perspectives.

Luke, H., Medical Education and Sociology of Medical Habitus: ‘It's not about the Stethoscope!’.

Borsay, A., Disability and Social Policy in Britain Since 1750.

Bolton, S.C., Emotion Management in the Workplace

Clark, D. and Wright, M., Transitions in End of Life Care: Hospice and related developments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

De Vries, R.A., A Pleasing Birth. Midwives and Maternity Care in the Netherlands

Hawkes, G. and Scott, J. (eds), Perspectives in Human Sexuality.