Volume 27 2005

Editors Robert Dingwall, Veronica James, Elizabeth Murphy, Alison Pilnick

Editorial Assistant  Allison Pearson

Review Editors  Susan Gregory and Gayle Letherby

Monograph Editors Jonathan Gabe and Hannah Bradby

Chairperson Clive Seale

Editorial Board

Davina Allen

Marina Barnard

Kathryn Backett-Milburn

Elizabeth Ettorre

Rob Flynn

John Gabbay

Linda McKie

James Nazroo

Hilary Thomas

Andrew Webster

Clare Williams

Blackwell Publishing

Oxford, UK and Boston, USA


’He hath the French pox’: stigma, social value and social exclusion (Reidpath, Chan, Gifford and Allotey) 468

’Listen to my madness’: understanding the experiences of people with serious mental illness (Lester and Tritter) 649

'The illness is part of the person’: discourses of blame, individual responsibility and individuation at a centre for spiritual healing in the North of England (McClean) 628

Abortion discourse in Bolivian hospital contexts: doctors’ repertoire conflicts and the Saving Women device (Rance) 188

Access, boundaries and their effects: legitimate participation in anaesthesia (Goodwin, Pope, Mort and Smith) 855

Are inner-cities bad for your health? Comparisons of residents’ and third-parties’ perceptions of the urban neighbourhood of Gospel Oak, London (Whitley and Prince) 44

Arguing about the evidence: readers, writers and inscription devices in coronary heart disease risk assessment (Will) 780

Biographical work and returning to employment following a spinal cord injury (Ville) 324

Birth and social class: Northern Thai women's lived experiences of caesarean and vaginal birth (Liamputtong) 243

Boundary at work: alternative medicine in biomedical settings (Mizrachi, Shuval and Gross) 20

Comparing professions through actor-centred governance: community nursing in Britain and Germany (Burau) 114

Death brokering: constructing culturally appropriate deaths (Timmermans)  993

Discomforting research: colliding moralities and looking for 'truth’ in a study of parental drug problems (Barnard) 1

Do occupation and work conditions really matter? A longitudinal analysis of psychological distress experiences among Canadian workers (Marchand, Demers and Durand) 602

Dynamic professional boundaries in the healthcare workforce (Nancarrow and Borthwick) 897

Dysmorphology and the spectacle of the clinic (Featherstone, Latimer, Atkinson, Pilz and Clarke) 551

Explaining caesarean section in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil (McCallum) 215

Exploring clinician uncertainty in the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Rafalovich) 305

Finding dignity in dirty work: the constraints and rewards of low-wage home care labour (Stacey) 831

Information, understanding and the benign order of everyday life in genetic counselling (Lehtinen) 575

Lay discourses and beliefs related to food risks: an Australian perspective (Lupton) 448

Living with chronic illness in the family setting (Gregory) 372

Making connections: healthcare as a case study in the social organisation of work (Allen and Pilnick) 683

Managerialism in the Australian public health sector: towards the hyper-rationalisation of professional bureaucracies (Germov) 738

New directions for critical internet health studies: representing cancer experience on the web (Seale) 515

On practices of ’good doctoring’: reconsidering the relationship between provider roles and patient adherence (Lutfey) 421

Parenting a young person with mental health problems: temporal disruption and reconstruction (Harden) 351

Pro-anorexia, weight-loss drugs and the internet: an ’anti-recovery’ explanatory model of anorexia (Fox, Ward and O’Rourke) 944

Researching the disabled identity: contextualising the identity transformations which accompany the onset of impairment (Galvin) 393

Review article: Disability studies today and tomorrow (Shakespeare) 138

Securing our genetic health: engendering trust in UK Biobank (Petersen) 271

Social capital and social support on the web: the case of an internet mother site (Drentea and Moren-Cross) 920

Telephone triage, expert systems and clinical expertise (Greatbatch, Hanlon, Goode, O’Cathain, Strangleman and Luff) 802

The demise of repetitive strain injury in sceptical governing rationalities of workplace managers (MacEachen) 490

The mundane realities of the everyday lay use of the internet for health, and their consequences for media convergence (Nettleton, Burrows and O'Malley) 972

The personal significance of home: habitus and the experience of receiving long-term home care (Angus, Kontos, Dyck, McKeever and Poland) 161

The phenomenology of death, embodiment and organ transplantation (Haddow) 92

The promotion of private health insurance and its implications for the social organisation of healthcare: a case study of private sector obstetric practice in Chile (Murray and Elston) 701

Understanding genetic disease in a socio-historical context: a case study of cystic fibrosis (Kerr) 873

Understanding the social organisation of maternity care systems: midwifery as a touchstone (Benoit, Wrede, Bourgeault, Sandall, De Vries and van Teijlingen) 722

What is heterosexual coercion? Interpreting narratives from young people in Mexico City (Marston) 68

What's in a care pathway? Towards a cultural cartography of the new NHS (Pinder, Petchey, Shaw and Carter) 759


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