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Large Time Asymptotic Behaviors for Periodic Solutions of Generalized Burgers Equations With Spherical Symmetry or Linear Damping


Address for correspondence: B. Mayil Vaganan, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai-625021, India; e-mail:


Using the method of balancing arguments, large time asymptotic behaviors for the periodic solutions of generalized Burgers equations ut + u3ux + ju/2t =δ/2uxx and ut + u3ux +λu =δ/2uxx subject to the periodic initial condition inline image and the vanishing boundary conditions u(0, t) = u(l, t) = 0,  t ≥ 0   or   t0, where A, A1, δ, λ, l, t0, ∈R+ and j = 1, 2, are obtained.