The interaction between across-the-board wh-movement and left-branch extraction


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    I would like to thank an anonymous reviewer and the editors for many useful comments and suggestions. Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the Yale Linguistics syntax lunch series, the 2004 annual meeting of the LSA in Boston, the University of Maryland Wh-Fest, and the University of British Columbia colloquium series. I would like to thank all these audiences for valuable feedback.


Abstract.  This paper explores the interaction between two independently well studied wh-movement strategies: across-the-board wh-movement and left-branch extraction. Focusing on Slavic languages, which allow both ATB movement and left-branch extraction in isolation, it shows that ATB left-branch extraction is subject to a rather surprising restriction: the ‘‘remnants’’ inside the second conjunct must be distinct from their ‘‘correspondents’’ inside the first conjunct. The account of this restriction developed in this paper relies on the interaction of two independently motivated principles: the Linear Correspondence Axiom of Kayne 1994 and a structural economy condition formulated within the framework of Chomsky's (1995) Minimalist Program.