• Transnationalisation;
  • globalisation;
  • concepts of space;
  • methodological nationalism;
  • territory;
  • container societies


Terms like globalisation, transnationalisation, glocalisation, world society, world empire, and trans-world indicate that in social sciences there are different concepts applied to the increasing cross-border entanglement and internationalisation of the world. Meanwhile some scholars argue that geographic borders and territories are increasingly losing their importance for structuring human life and social spaces, others hold that new politics of belonging, new logics of inclusion and exclusion are leading to new divisions of social segmentation and spatial segregation. After discussing some recent conceptualisations of the ongoing process of internationalisation the paper develops a differentiated typology of internationalisation processes based on an explicit reflection on the tradition of methodological nationalism and on different concepts of space, mainly absolutist and relativist understandings of space. It is argued that the different concepts of space and the various ideal types of internationalisation have to be treated not in an ‘either-or’ but in an ‘as well as’ perspective.