• Transnationalism;
  • transculturality;
  • Chinese diaspora;
  • tourism;
  • migrant entrepreneurship;
  • Europe


This paper examines the spatiality of transnationalism and meanings of borders as displayed in the tourism business sector operated by Chinese migrants in Europe. Drawing upon empirical research conducted from 1999 to 2002 and from 2006 to 2007, it will illustrate how Chinese migrants practise transnationalism and transculturality in their entrepreneurial activities. Instead of serving simply as a bridge between their two home economies, migrants engaged in the tourism sector are active and innovative agents in crossing and redrawing the borders of different geo-cultural spheres they are embedded in, producing modified tourism landscapes that suit the desire of their compatriot travellers. An examination of the spatiality of their business networks also suggests that transnationalism and diaspora studies should go beyond focusing only on ties between the sending and receiving societies. Furthermore, an analysis of the interactions among members of this business community from different places will exemplify the power of borders in the Chinese diaspora.