• Protected designation of origin (PDO);
  • protected geographic indication (PGI);
  • short food supply chains (SFSCs);
  • alternative food networks (AFNs);
  • quality wine produced in specified regions (QWPSR)


The discussion about alternative agri-food products has led some researchers to proclaim the emergence of alternative agri-food geographies. This paper focuses on the geography of certified geographical indications in Greece. We focus on a number of key characteristics of the products (e.g. area of production, production in less favoured areas) and analyse specific case studies of products, in order to understand their importance and impact (e.g. volume of production, number of businesses that produce them) and investigate the choices of this geography. Evidence suggests that some Greek geographical indications (GIs) exist only ‘on paper’ and therefore have zero impact on their delimited areas. Furthermore, the impact of GIs depends not only on the characteristics of the product but on the characteristics of the enterprises that produce them as well. A new, although not alternative, agri-food geography is emerging.