• John Caiazza;
  • created co-creator;
  • Langdon Gilkey;
  • Philip Hefner;
  • Leon Kass;
  • Robert John Russell;
  • science;
  • secularism;
  • Paul Tillich

Abstract. I take up the challenge posed by John Caiazza (2005) to face down the religiously vacuous ethics of techno-secularism. Techno-secularism is not enough for human fulfillment let alone human flowering. Yet, communities of faith based on the Bible have a positive responsibility to employ science and technology toward divinely appointed ends. We should study God's world through science and press technology into the service of transforming our world and our selves in light of our vision of God's promised new creation. This warrants invocation of the concept of the human being as the created co-creator developed in the theology of Philip Hefner.