• Cosmic Consciousness;
  • emanation;
  • emergence of complexity;
  • forms as metaphysical principle of being;
  • German Idealism;
  • Leibniz monads;
  • nonempirical reality;
  • nonmaterial entities;
  • pre-Darwinian concepts of evolution;
  • quantum coherence;
  • quantum perspective of evolution;
  • quantum reality;
  • superposition states;
  • transcendent order;
  • virtual state actualization;
  • virtual states


I describe characteristic phenomena of quantum physics that suggest that reality appears to us in two domains: the open and well-known domain of empirical, material things—the realm of actuality—and a hidden and invisible domain of nonempirical, non-material forms—the realm of potentiality. The nonempirical forms are part of physical reality because they contain the empirical possibilities of the universe and can manifest themselves in the empirical world. Two classes of nonempirical states are discussed: the superposition states of microphysical entities, which are nonempirical because observation destroys them, and the virtual states of material systems, which are nonempirical because they are empty. The non-empirical part to physical reality represents a predetermined and hidden order that exists before it is empirical, and the visible world is an emanation out of it. I discuss consequences for our understanding of human nature, the origin of life, and human values. Reality is an indivisible wholeness that is aware of its processes, like a Cosmic Spirit, and it reveals its awareness in the mindlike properties of elementary processes as well as in the human consciousness. Thus, one is led to G. W. F. Hegel's thesis that the Cosmic Spirit is thinking in us.