• accommodation principle;
  • design;
  • evolution;
  • Nidhal Guessoum;
  • hermeneutics;
  • I’jaz;
  • Islamic science;
  • natural theology;
  • Qur’anic exegesis;
  • unity of nature

Abstract The primary purpose of this essay is to review Nidhal Guessoum's Islam's Quantum Question from a perspective outside Muslim tradition. Having outlined the main contours and contentions of the book, general issues are raised concerning the reconciliation of religious belief with the sciences. Comparisons are drawn between the resources available to Christian and Muslim cultures for achieving reconciliation, with particular reference to scriptural exegesis and natural theology. Speculative questions are then raised concerning possible differences between the Christian and Islamic experience and whether these may shed any light on the facilitation in Europe of an enduring scientific movement.