• affirmative agnosticism;
  • aparā;
  • avatāra;
  • Cārvāka;
  • parā;
  • polyodosism;
  • postcolonial;
  • postmodern;
  • Ādi Shankara;
  • Rāmānuja;
  • Upanishads;
  • Vaishṇava;
  • Vedānta;
  • Vedas

Abstract In recent decades scholars in every major religious tradition have been commenting on the relationship between their own tradition and science. The subject in the context of Hinduism is complex because there is no central institutionalized authority to dictate what is acceptable Hindu belief and what is not. This has resulted in a variety of perspectives that are touched upon here. Historical factors in the introduction of modern science in the Hindu world have also influenced the subject. The reflections in this paper are based on these.