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Incest and Liberal Neutrality


  • The author would like to thank various audiences in Uppsala, Cambridge, and Nanning for comments and critique—and, in particular, Ludvig Beckman, Sara Danius, Gina Gustavsson, Jörgen Hermansson, Mats Lundström, Aaron Maltais, Edward Page, Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, Anne Julie Semb, Jörgen Ödalen, some of whom are members of the ‘Club’—the political theory gang at the Department of Government in Uppsala. I would also like to thank two refereees for this journal. This article is part of the research project ‘A value-neutral state? Marriage, morality, liberalism, and political theory’, which was made possible by the generous support of Riksbankens jubileumsfond, the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation.