Robin Attfield is professor of philosophy at Cardiff University, where he has taught Philosophy since 1968. His latest book is the edited collection The Ethics of the Environment (Ashgate, 2008). His latest monograph is Creation, Evolution and Meaning (Aldershot + Ashgate, 2006). As an ethicist he has participated in conferences and workshops on environmental ethics and on the ethics of global warming of UNESCO and Fondazione Lanza (among others).

Simon Caney is professor in political theory, University of Oxford, and Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Magdalen College. He is the author of Justice Beyond Borders (Oxford University Press, 2005). He currently holds an ESRC Climate Change Leadership Fellowship (2008–2011). He is working on two books—Global Justice and Climate Change (with Derek Bell—under contract to Oxford University Press) and On Cosmopolitanism (under contract to Oxford University Press).

Stephen M. Gardiner is associate professor of Philosophy at the University of Washington in Seattle. His main research interests are in ethical theory, political philosophy, environmental ethics and Aristotle's ethics. He is a co-editor (with Simon Caney, Dale Jamieson, and Henry Shue) of Climate Ethics (Oxford University Press, forthcoming) and the editor of Virtue Ethics, Old and New (Cornell, 2005).

Tim Hayward is professor of environmental political theory at the University of Edinburgh. He has published widely in environmental theory and his current research integrates this with international political theory. His most recent book is Constitutional Environmental Rights (Oxford University Press, 2005).

Keith Hyams is lecturer in political theory at the University of Exeter and an activist with the Camp for Climate Action. He is the author of articles on Nozick, political authority and the morality of consent, and is completing a book entitled The Liberal Battleground: Consent in Morality and Politics. His present research explores the foundations of egalitarian justice and the nature of moral justification.

Catriona McKinnon is reader in political theory at the University of Reading. She has written on liberalism, cosmopolitanism, toleration, equality and distributive justice, and the values and ideals of welfare policy. She is the author of Liberalism and the Defence of Political Constructivism (Palgrave, 2002), Toleration: A Critical Introduction (Routledge, 2006), and the editor of Issues in Political Theory (Oxford University Press, 2008). She is currently completing a book on climate change and liberal justice, due for publication in 2010.

Darrel Moellendorf is professor of philosophy and Director of the Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs at San Diego State University. For the 2008–09 academic year he is a Member of the School of Social Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Studies. His main research is in the areas of global justice and morality and climate change.

Steve Vanderheiden is assistant professor of political science and environmental studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is the author of Atmospheric Justice: A Political Theory of Climate Change (Oxford University Press, 2008) and editor of Political Theory and Global Climate Change (MIT Press, 2008).