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A robust regression model for a first-order autoregressive time series with unequal spacing: application to water monitoring


E. Andrés Houseman, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, 655 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115, USA.


Summary.  Time series arise often in environmental monitoring settings, which typically involve measuring processes repeatedly over time. In many such applications, observations are irregularly spaced and, additionally, are not distributed normally. An example is water monitoring data collected in Boston Harbor by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. We describe a simple robust approach for estimating regression parameters and a first-order autocorrelation parameter in a time series where the observations are irregularly spaced. Estimates are obtained from an estimating equation that is constructed as a linear combination of estimated innovation errors, suitably made robust by symmetric and possibly bounded functions. Under an assumption of data missing completely at random and mild regularity conditions, the proposed estimating equation yields consistent and asymptotically normal estimates. Simulations suggest that our estimator performs well in moderate sample sizes. We demonstrate our method on Secchi depth data collected from Boston Harbor.