• Infinite variance;
  • self-normalization;
  • subsampling;
  • weak dependence;
  • adaptive block size
  • C14;
  • C22

In this article, we revisit a time series model introduced by MCElroy and Politis (2007a) and generalize it in several ways to encompass a wider class of stationary, nonlinear, heavy-tailed time series with long memory. The joint asymptotic distribution for the sample mean and sample variance under the extended model is derived; the associated convergence rates are found to depend crucially on the tail thickness and long memory parameter. A self-normalized sample mean that concurrently captures the tail and memory behaviour, is defined. Its asymptotic distribution is approximated by subsampling without the knowledge of tail or/and memory parameters; a result of independent interest regarding subsampling consistency for certain long-range dependent processes is provided. The subsampling-based confidence intervals for the process mean are shown to have good empirical coverage rates in a simulation study. The influence of block size on the coverage and the performance of a data-driven rule for block size selection are assessed. The methodology is further applied to the series of packet-counts from ethernet traffic traces.