• abortion;
  • altruism;
  • assisted productive technologies;
  • Augustine;
  • Bowers v. Hardwick;
  • coming out;
  • Defense of Marriage Act;
  • desire;
  • dignity;
  • disclosure;
  • essentialism;
  • flourishing;
  • gay identity;
  • homosexuality;
  • identity;
  • Lawrence v. Texas;
  • legal moralism;
  • metaethics;
  • moral cognitivism;
  • moral permissibility;
  • natural eunuch;
  • original sin;
  • outing;
  • Pelagius;
  • privacy;
  • religion;
  • reparative therapy;
  • same-sex marriage;
  • sexual identity;
  • sexual orientation;
  • social constructionism;
  • Sodom;
  • sodomy law;
  • St. Paul;
  • transsexual marriage;
  • virtue

Abstract: This essay explores recent trends and major issues related to gay and lesbian philosophy in ethics (including issues concerning the morality of homosexuality, the natural function of sex, and outing and coming out); religion (covering past and present debates about the status of homosexuality and how biblical and qur'anic passages have been interpreted by both sides of the debate); the law (especially a discussion of the debates surrounding sodomy laws, same-sex marriage and its impact on transsexuals, and whether the law should be used to enforce morality); scientific research into the origins of homosexuality (including discussion of arguments against such research); and metaphysics (especially the question of whether homosexuality is socially constructed during particular times and in particular cultures, or whether sexual orientation is an essential trait cutting across times and cultures).