In this Introduction to “Re-thinking Dionsyius the Areopagite” it is first explained that the volume sets out to illuminate the contemporary interest in “apophaticism” by close comparison with the original project of the CD. However, given the elusiveness and generativity of the Dionysian tradition, this can only be done adequately by also providing a road-map of the many historic interpretations of the Dionysian corpus, both East and West. Three constellating themes in the volume are then outlined: 1. The (admittedly divisive) importance of Dionysius for the regeneration of both Roman Catholic and Orthodox contemporary theology, in latter-day riposte to Kantianism; 2. The significance of Dionysius for suggesting a fluid, post-modern vision of the self; and 3. The importance of a possible re-reading of Dionysius's impact on both Lutheran and Tridentine spirituality in the era of early modernity.