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MUPANAH and the Promotion of Historical and Cultural Values


  • Robert Paret

    1. Robert Paret trained as an architect and is a member of the National College of Haitian Engineers and Architects (CH). In 2006 he ran the office of the Minister of Culture and Communications. Also that year he was appointed Director-General of the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH), his current position. He is also a regular contributor to the daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste, with articles on society, culture and the arts. In addition to his work in architecture he is also recognized for his creative work as a painter and sculptor.
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This article presents the historical, administrative and structural aspects of the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien and offers a perspective on its national and international role. The article also discusses the relationship between the Ministry of Culture and Communications and other independent entities reporting to this supervisory body, which is responsible for promoting national historical and cultural heritage, especially in the aftermath of the earthquake of 12 January 2010. In conclusion, it considers prospects for the future and describes the measures introduced to re-open the museum to the public. MUPANAH seeks to attract the young, and to extend educational programmes to cover the whole country.

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