Vision, Self-Location, and the Phenomenology of the ‘Point of View’*


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    I have been working on this paper for a long time, and presented versions of it to the dissertation seminar at U.C. Berkeley in 2008, the 2009 Berkeley-London Conference, ASSC 14 in Toronto, and the 4th Online Consciousness Conference. I am grateful to audiences and commentators on those occasions, and especially to Tom Avery, Robert Briscoe, John Campbell, Sascha Fink, Aaron Henry, Mike Martin, Alva Noë, Lynn Robertson, Sherri Roush, Kranti Saran, Miguel Sebastian, James Stazicker, Assaf Weksler, and several anonymous referees for comments and discussion relating to this material. It is with regret that I apologize for not having been able to address sufficiently all the criticisms of my argument that these and other readers have raised.