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Hierarchical Modelling of Disparities in Preferences for Redistribution


  • We would like to thank two anonymous referees, the co-editor Prof. Knight, Camelia Minou, Prof. Paul Johnson and participants of the third Meeting of ECINEQ and the 80th SEA Annual Meeting, for their helpful comments and encouragement. We are responsible for any further errors and omissions. We acknowledge financial support from Sapienza research grants.


We evaluate the magnitude of the disparities in the demand for redistribution across European countries and American states during the 2000s. Modelling the demand for redistribution in a multilevel framework, we identify the determinants that contribute the most in predicting support for redistribution. We observe that individual characteristics and contextual variables are associated with demand for redistribution in the same way in Europe and in the US, whereas others exert different influences on the probability of supporting redistribution. We find important differences from some well-established evidence obtained from data collected for the 1980s and the 1990s.