St. Ives Pathfinder Children's Trust: From Idea to Reality and Further


Mike Mahoney
St. Ives Pathfinder Children's Trust


As the formal arrangements for Pathfinder Children's Trusts across England come to a close, and many Authorities move to firm arrangements for integrated children's services, this is an opportune moment for one pathfinder project to reflect upon its experiences over the past years and to share some of its learning about process issues. This article traces the progress of social inclusion work from its inception in the St. Ives cluster of schools through to its present-day position as a Children's Trust. As well as explaining the underlying theory and rationale for the work, a number of sound, practical lessons and pointers are offered. The article also identifies celebratory high-points of the project and highlights some implications for future developments within the context of Every Child Matters, via extended schools and children's centres.