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Centralisation and the capitalist market economy


  •  Introductory note by the Editors
    There is a political controversy going on in Hungary between those who are supporting the actions and the rhetoric of the present government and those who are opposing them. The article by János Kornai is a contribution to this political controversy. It is not an academic treatise, equipped with footnotes and references. It was written for the readers of the daily newspaper Népszabadság, which has the largest circulation in Hungary, in a style accessible to all readers of the newspaper. In spite of the length of the article, quite unusual for a daily newspaper, the editors were willing to publish it in full in the 28 January 2012 issue.
    Economics of Transition is publishing the translation of the original article, without any changes. There were no footnotes in the original article; all the footnotes have been added by the author during the editorial process of Economics of Transition, mainly to explain the context of a term or an event for readers less familiar with the Hungarian situation, or to reference a book or paper mentioned in the text. The dates in the article have not been adjusted and should be read relative to the initial publication date of the article in Hungarian on 28 January 2012.