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The Dark Side of International Cross-Listing: Effects on Rival Firms at Home


  • We would like to thank an anonymous referee for valuable comments and suggestions.


We analyse the stock price impact of firms' US cross-listing on home-market rival firms. Using an empirical event study approach we find negative cumulative average abnormal returns for the rival firms around both the listing and announcement of listing dates. The evidence suggests both positive and negative spillover effects on rival firms, where the dominant effect is that investors see rivals at a relative disadvantage to the cross-listing firm. As firms cross-list in the US and commit to the increased disclosure and investor protection associated with the US listing, they are better able to take advantage of growth opportunities relative to their non cross-listing counterparts, and this results in negative spillover effects on rival firms. Our results are consistent with the idea that firms cross-list as a means to reduce agency costs of controlling shareholders and thus are able to exploit growth opportunities as they have better access to external finance.

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