What's New in Finance?


  • Matti Keloharju

    1. Helsinki School of Economics and CEPR, PO Box 1210, 00101 Helsinki, Finland E-mail: matti.keloharju@hse.fi
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      I would like to thank John Doukas (the Editor), Markku Kaustia, Samuli Knüpfer, Christopher Polk, Vesa Puttonen, and Sami Torstila for their comments, and Vesa Uotila, Antti Lehtinen, Kristiina Pohjanen, Ville Rantala, and Sanna Vaskelainen for superb research assistance. Financial support from the Academy of Finland and the Research Foundation of Co-Operative Banks is gratefully acknowledged.


This paper prepares a list of the 300 most cited articles published in the area of Finance during the period 2000–2006. The articles are ranked based on the ratio of the number of citations and the number of years since publication, as of August 2007. Citation data come from Google Scholar and cover all articles in 29 Finance journals and Finance articles in 21 Economics, six Accounting, and two Operations research journals. The paper also reports the number of highly cited articles by number of authors, journal, research area, and institution.