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Chinese Perceptions of the European Union: A Review of Leading Chinese Journals



Abstract:  As a result of the rapid development of EU–China relations, an increasing amount of scholars in China focus their research on the European Union and the nature of the bilateral relationship. As most of them publish their research results in the academic journals in China, it is necessary to have a review of these journals in order to understand Chinese perceptions of the European Union. In order to fulfil this task, this article first briefly examines the Chinese journals to be reviewed, and explains why these journals have been chosen. Via the analysis of the articles published in the leading Chinese journals in the past five years, the article presents how the Chinese perceive the EU and its global role, explores EU–US relations and EU–China relations. By presenting the most up-to-date research on the EU studies in China, the article serves as a timely and meaningful piece to help enhance mutual understanding between the EU and China.