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A hybrid swarm intelligence algorithm for the travelling salesman problem



Abstract: We present a hybrid model named HRKPG that combines the random-key search method and an individual enhancement scheme to thoroughly exploit the global search ability of particle swarm optimization. With a genetic algorithm, we can expand the area of exploration of individuals in the solution space. With the individual enhancement scheme, we can enhance the particle swarm optimization and the genetic algorithm for the travelling salesman problem. The objective of the travelling salesman problem is to find the shortest route that starts from a city, visits every city once, and finally comes back to the start city. With the random-key search method, we can search the ability of the particle and chromosome. On the basis of the proposed hybrid scheme of HRKPG, we can improve solution quality quite a lot. Our experimental results show that the HRKPG model outperforms the particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm in solution quality.