Table S1. Basic climatic statistics for Abisko Scientific Research Station and the date of climatic extremes from the record spanning 1913–2008 (data courtesy of the Abisko Station).

Table S2. Mean monthly temperature statistics for Abisko Scientific Research Station (1913–2008) (data courtesy of the Abisko Station).

Table S3. SMHI and NMI meteorological stations used in the mesoscale lapse rate calculation.

Fig. S1. Monthly mean (1961–2000) wind speeds at Abisko Scientific Research Station, and the Madgetech wind-speed records (2008/9) from our field sites A1 and C4.

Fig. S2. Mean diurnal temperature difference during different months between (a) Heath II and Torneträsk II, (b) Heath I and Torneträsk II, (c) Tallmgren and Torneträsk II.

Fig. S3. Relation between monthly mean modelled global radiation and temperature deviation of mesoscale/topoclimate modelled temperature from the historic weather station temperature data (modelled minus historical) for all available sites in the Abisko region.

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