• epilepsy surgery;
  • epileptogenic zone;
  • extra-temporal epilepsy;
  • non-lesional epilepsy;
  • partial seizure

The presentation and treatment of a patient with extra-temporal non-lesional partial epilepsy is discussed herein. His clinical semiology was consistent with supplementary motor area seizures; however, MR imaging did not demonstrate a lesion. A region of stable cortical glucose hypermetabolism in the left frontal region was noted with 2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG)-PET. This was consistent with the frequent interictal discharges evident over the left fronto-temporal region and the stereotypic high amplitude ictal discharges arising with highest amplitude from the left frontal region. Epileptiform activity evident on an intracranial 64-point subdural recording grid placed over the left dorsolateral frontal cortex confirmed a distribution concordant with FDG-PET findings. The subsequent resection was guided by the PET and EEG findings rather than structural MR imaging, and a limited cortical resection led to an immediate and substantial reduction in seizure frequency.