Book Reviews


Book reviews in this article:

Industrial Change International G J.R. Linge and G.A. van der Knaap, eds., Labor, Environment and Industrial Change.

Internal Colonies C. Matthew Snipp, ed. Public Policy Impacts on American Indian Economic Development.

Do People Choose in Government Service Markets?The Competitive City: The Political Economy of Suburbia.

Stimulating Business-The State as EntrepreneurPeter K. Eisinger. The Rise of the Entrepreneurial State: State and Local Economic Development Policy in the United States.

Alternative Service Delivery: One View John A. Rehfuss. Contracting Out in Government: A Guide to Working with Outside Contractors to Supply Public Services.

Alternative Service Delivery: Another View Lawrence K. Finley ed., Public Sector Privatization: Alternative Approaches to Service Delivery.

Changes: United States and Australia Lay James Gibson and Robert J. Stimson eds., Regional Structural Change: Experience and Prospects in Two Mature Economies.