The reality of revelation was one of the fundamental questions that occupied 1 Tyrrell as a writer until he died on 15 July 1909. The centenary of his death is an opportune time to engage this English Modernist in a dialogue with Karl Rahner on the subject of revelation. Tyrrell insists on the primacy of the interior experience of revelation. An exaggerated emphasis on inner religious experience, however, led him inevitably to a separation of the interior dimension of revelation from its verbal expressions and doctrinal formulations.

Rahner also affirms the primacy of the originating inner experience of God but stresses at the same time the intrinsic unity between this transcendental revelation and its categorical, historical dimension. Revelation corresponds to the symbolic nature of the addressee. The Mystery of the Incarnation is the point of reference for understanding God's self-communication. The fullness of revelation has been realized in the indissoluble and irreversible unity of the Divine Logos with the Man Jesus.