Hebrew Bible and Ancient Versions: Selected Essays of Robert P. Gordon (Society for Old Testament Study Monographs). By Robert P. Gordon


Pp. xxi, 375 . Aldershot , Ashgate Publishing , 2006 , $16.00 .

Students of the Hebrew Bible and its ancient versions will be grateful to Robert Gordon for bringing together in one volume twenty-eight of his essays on these subjects published over a thirty-year period in a wide variety of periodicals and festschrifts. He has left the individual house styles more or less intact. The first sixteen essays are on the Hebrew Bible, the remainder on the ancient versions. The essays on the Hebrew Bible are arranged under three headings, as follows: eight on the narrative tradition, and four each on prophecy from east to west (Mari to Palestine), and four under the heading ‘Across, behind and beyond the text’. Six of the essay on the ancient versions, are under the heading ‘The text and the versions’ and six more under the heading ‘The Targums, chiefly to the Prophets’. The author has added a lengthy introduction (of thirteen pages) in which he introduces each of these essays, linking individual essays with his own scholarly career, which began, he tells us, with postgraduate work on the Targum to the Prophets.