A Clinical Reassessment of the ‘Insanity’ of George III and Some of its Historical Implications1


  • Ida Macalpine,

  • Richard Hunter

  • 1

    Acknowledgements. Access to Sir Henry Halford's clinical journal October 1811-January 1812 in the Royal Archives was graciously granted by Her Majesty the Queen. We are greatly indebted for access to and permission to publish from papers in the Niedersächsische Staatsarchiv to His Royal Highness Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover; the Queen's Council Papers to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Trustees of Lambeth Palace Library; the diary of Sir George Baker to Sir Randle Baker Wilbraham; and to Professor Ian R. Christie for helpful advice. The medical results of this study were first published in the British Medical Journal in January 1966.