Henry VII and the Bristol expeditions to North America: the Condon documents


  • Evan T. Jones

    1. University of Bristol
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    • I would like to thank Professor Wendy Childs, Dr. Peter Pope and Dr. Jeff Reed for their comments on an earlier draft of this article, and ‘Burning Gold Productions’ (Bristol) for contributing towards some of the research costs involved.


Little is known about the Bristol discovery voyages of the years 1496–1508 and, as my recent article in this journal has shown, even less is certain. The current article contributes to research in this field by publishing two ‘new’ documents, which were first discovered in the nineteen-seventies but, for the reasons explained here, have not been published until now. These documents are significant both because they reveal important new information about the voyages and because they serve to confirm some of the remarkable, but previously unsubstantiated, claims made about the expeditions by the late Dr. Alwyn Ruddock.