The following podcasts are a supplement to the February 2011 issue of History & Theory, Vol. 50, No. 1.

Video of the comment by Ethan Kleinberg and the question period referred to by Samuel Moyn in the introduction is not available because of technical difficulties.

HITH_568_sm_1Sams_intro.mov86955KSupporting info item
HITH_568_sm_2LaCapraIntroduction.mov123233KSupporting info item
HITH_568_sm_3Littell_and_Literary_Space.mov208360KSupporting info item
HITH_568_sm_4MythHistoryLiterature.mov234831KSupporting info item
HITH_568_sm_5The_Motivation_of_the_Killers_and_Novelistic_Truth.mov144018KSupporting info item
HITH_568_sm_6Friedlander_and_the_Victim_s_Voice.mov209732KSupporting info item
HITH_568_sm_7Friedlander_as_traditional_history.mov180945KSupporting info item
HITH_568_sm_8The_Posen_Speech_and_Redemptive_Anti-Semitism.mov195001KSupporting info item

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