Books reviewed in this issue.

Michael Oakeshott's Skepticism. By Aryeh Botwinick.

The Future of Memory. Edited by Richard Crownshaw, Jane Kilby, and Antony Rowland.

Nationalizing the Past: Historians as Nation Builders in Modern Europe. Edited by Chris Lorenz and Stefan Berger.

History and Neorealism. Edited by Ernest R. May, Richard Rosecrance, and Zara Steiner.

Vico and Naples: The Urban Origins of Modern Social Theory. By Barbara Ann Naddeo.

Populäre Geschichtsschreibung: Historiker, Verleger und die Deutsche Offentlichkeit (1848–1900). By Martin Nissen.

Apologia and Criticism: Historians and the History of Spain, 1500–2000. By Gonzalo Pasamar.

Atlas of European Historiography: The Making of a Profession 1800–2005. Edited by Haria Porciana and Lutz Raphael.