The Concept of Leisure in the USSR



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    • *Professor G. A. Prudenski, one of the leading Soviet economists, is Director of the Institut Ekonomiki i Organizatsii Promishlennovo Proizvodstva at Novosibirsk. We invited Professor Prudenski to contribute an article to a symposium on Work and Leisure in Modem Society, which appeared in the February 1962 number of this journal. Unfortunately his manuscript did not arrive until that issue had been printed. Space does not permit us to carry the full manuscript in the present issue, but we felt that a partial exposition of Professor Prudenski's paper would be of interest to our readers. In view of announced plans to reduce working hours in the Soviet Union during the next decade, we are including the following excerpt dealing with uses of “free time” or leisure. We are glad to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. Alan Abouchar in translating Professor Prudenski's manuscript into English.—Arthur M. Ross, Chairman, Board of Editors.