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Why a New Journal?



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    • The author’s affiliation is Chairman of the Board of Editors, and Director, Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA


Speaking both personally and officially, I am delighted to salute the appearance of this first issue of Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society.

Since my service as the first Director of the Institute of Industrial Relations at Berkeley, I have retained a close personal attachment to the Institute and a sense of pride in its growing record of accomplishment. And because I am a student in the industrial relations field, I can speak with some personal conviction of the great need for this type of publication.

As President of the University of California, I am pleased to see this new venture undertaken by the Institute of Industrial Relations, one of the University’s many important research and service organizations. The publication of new knowledge, insight, and scholarly speculation is an essential part of the advancement of learning. The free marketplace of ideas cannot operate effectively without the avenues of communication provided by the scholarly journals which serve every field of research. I am sure that Industrial Relations will prove a stimulating vehicle for the exchange and development of ideas about a highly significant segment of modern industrial society.