Good citizen Europe



    1. Professor of International Relations and Director of the Centre of Advanced International Studies, University of Exeter.
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      In drafting this article, I benefted from the assistance of a number of colleagues. My writings on internationalism and foreign policy are heavily indebted to the contribution of the following exceptional scholars: Peter Lawler, Andrew Linklater, Paul Keal and Nick Wheeler. More directly, I very much appreciate the input of colleagues in Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland, where I have been a visiting scholar: special thanks to Richard Devetak for his insightful thoughts on this topic and comments on a draft, to Marianne Hanson for her conversations on IR over the years and for making the visit possible, and to Frank Mols for his thoughts on citizenship. Thanks also to Jason Ralph for his advice on the legal dimension as well as other useful comments. Finally, I note my appreciation for the guidance and support provided by the editor of this special issue, Lisbeth Aggestam, and the feedback from her team of reviewers.