Book reviews

  • See also Calestous Juma, The new harvest: agricultural innovation in Africa, pp. 1005–1006; and Camilla Toulmin, Climate change in Africa, pp. 1006–1008.


Books reviewed in this issue.

International Relations theory

The clash of ideas in world politics: transnational networks, states, and regime change, 1510–2010. By John M. Owen IV.

Hierarchy in International Relations. By David A. Lake.

British foreign policy, national identity, and neoclassical Realism. By Amelia Hadfield-Amkhan.

International law, human rights and ethics

Laws, outlaws, and terrorists: lessons from the war on terrorism. By Gabriella Blum and Philip B. Heymann.

International organization and foreign policy

Liberal Leviathan: the origins, crisis, and transformation of the American world order. By G. John Ikenberry.

Conflict, security and defence

Governing the bomb: civilian control and democratic accountability of nuclear weapons. Edited by Hans Born, Bates Gill and Heiner Hänggi.

Disarmament during deterrence: deep nuclear reductions and international security. By James Acton.

Osama bin Laden. By Michael Scheuer.

Governance, civil society and cultural politics

Why leaders lie: the truth about lying in international politics. By John J. Mearsheimer.

A metahistory of the clash of civilisations: us and them beyond Orientalism. By Arshin Adib-Moghaddam.

Political economy, economics and development

Exorbitant privilege: the rise and fall of the dollar. By Barry Eichengreen.

The future of global currency: the euro versus the dollar. By Benjamin J. Cohen.

Global politics and financial governance. By Randall Germain.

Fault lines: how hidden fractures still threaten the world economy. By Raghuram G. Rajan.

Energy, resources and environment

The new harvest: agricultural innovation in Africa. By Calestous Juma.

Climate change in Africa. By Camilla Toulmin.


Stalin's genocides. By Norman M. Naimark.

The victims return: survivors of the Gulag after Stalin. By Stephen F. Cohen.

We cannot remain silent: opposition to the Brazilian military dictatorship in the United States. By James N. Green.


Europe's decline and fall: the struggle against global irrelevance. By Richard Youngs.

European Union foreign policy: from effectiveness to functionality. By Christopher J. Bickerton.

Extreme politics: nationalism, violence, and the end of Eastern Europe. By Charles King.

Democracy's plight in the European neighbourhood: struggling transitions and proliferating dynasties. Edited by Michael Emerson and Richard Youngs.

Russia and Eurasia

The return: Russia's journey from Gorbachev to Medvedev. By Daniel Treisman.

Radical Islam in the former Soviet Union. Edited by Galina Yemelianova.

Russia and Islam: state, society and radicalism. Edited by Roland Dannreuther and Luke March.

Middle East and North Africa

Awakening Islam: the politics of religious dissent in contemporary Saudi Arabia. By Stéphane Lacroix.

Hamas: the Islamic resistance movement. By Beverly Milton-Edwards and Stephen Farrell.

Kill Khalid: the failed Mossad assassination of Khalid Mishal and the rise of Hamas. By Paul McGeough.

The sixth crisis: Iran, Israel, America, and the rumors of war. By Dana H. Allin and Steven Simon.

Beyond Islam: a new understanding of the Middle East. By Sami Zubaida.

Voices from Iraq: a people's history, 2003–2009. By Mark Kukis.

Sub-Saharan Africa*

Somalia: the new Barbary? Piracy and Islam in the Horn of Africa. By Martin N. Murphy.

The great African war: Congo and regional geopolitics, 1996–2006. By Filip Reyntjens.

The trouble with the Congo: local violence and the failure of international peacekeeping. By Séverine Autesserre.

Self and community in a changing world. By D. A. Masolo.

South Asia

Pakistan: a hard country. By Anatol Lieven.

East Asia and Pacific

On China. By Henry Kissinger.

The perils of proximity: China–Japan security relations. By Richard C. Bush.

China's emerging middle class: beyond economic transformation. Edited by Cheng Li.

Overseas Chinese, ethnic minorities and nationalism: de-centering China. By Elena Barabantseva.

Latin America and Caribbean

Dragon in the tropics: Hugo Chávez and the political economy of revolution in Venezuela. By Javier Corrales and Michael Penfold.

Dismantling democracy in Venezuela: the Chávez authoritarian experiment. By Allan R. Brewer-Carías.

Brazil and the United States: convergence and divergence. By Joseph Smith.

Paulo Freire and the Cold War politics of literacy. By Andrew J. Kirkendall.