Book reviews


Books reviewed in this issue.

International Relations theory

The global 1989: continuity and change in world politics. Edited by George Lawson, Chris Armbruster and Michael Cox.

International Relations and non-western thought: imperialism, colonialism and investigations of global modernity. Edited by Robbie Shilliam.

International organization and foreign policy

China, the United States, and global order. By Rosemary Foot and Andrew Walter.

The Persian Gulf and Pacific Asia: from indifference to interdependence. By Christopher Davidson.

Vortex of conflict: U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. By Dan Caldwell.

Coalitions of convenience: United States military interventions after the Cold War. By Sarah E. Kreps.

The practice of public diplomacy: confronting challenges abroad. Edited by William A. Rugh.

Conflict, security and defence

Terror in our time. By Ken Booth and Tim Dunne.

The gun: the AK-47 and the evolution of war. By Christopher John Chivers.

The scientific way of warfare: order and chaos on the battlefields of modernity. By Antoine J. Bousquet.

Governance, civil society and cultural politics

Jihad in the West: the rise of militant Salafism. By Frazer Egerton.

Political economy, economics and development

Poor economics: a radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty. By Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo.

The economics of enough: how to run the economy as if the future matters. By Diane Coyle.

The illusion of free markets: punishment and the myth of natural order. By Bernard E. Harcourt.

Energy, resources and environment

The governance of climate change: science, politics and ethics. Edited by David Held, Angus Fane-Hervey and Marika Theros.


Empire for liberty: a history of American imperialism from Benjamin Franklin to Paul Wolfowitz. By Richard H. Immerman.

The other cold war. By Heonik Kwon.


Europe 2030. Edited by Daniel Benjamin.

Russia and Eurasia

Russia as a network state: what works in Russia when state institutions do not? Edited by Vadim Kononenko and Arkady Moshes.

Putin's oil: the Yukos affair and the struggle for Russia. By Martin Sixsmith.

Russian energy security and foreign policy. Edited by Adrian Dellecker and Thomas Gomart.

The crisis of Russian democracy: the dual state, factionalism and the Medvedev succession. By Richard Sakwa.

Tretii put' … k rabstvu. By Andrei Piontkovsky.

Voyennaya kontrrazvedka: istorya, sobytiya, lyudi. Edited by V. S. Khristoforov, S. A. Korenkov, A. Bondarenko et al.

Middle East and North Africa

Fuel on the fire: oil and politics in occupied Iraq. By Greg Muttitt.

Hizbullah's identity construction. By Joseph Alagha.

Islamist terrorism and democracy in the Middle East. By Katerina Dalacoura.

Sub-Saharan Africa

The Lord's Resistance Army: myth and reality. Edited by Tim Allen and Koen Vlassenroot.

Dancing in the glory of monsters: the collapse of the Congo and the great war of Africa. By Jason Stearns.

South Asia

Cables from Kabul: the inside story of the West's Afghanistan campaign. By Sherard Cowper-Coles.

Tinderbox: the past and future of Pakistan. By M. J. Akbar.

Pakistan: from the rhetoric of democracy to the rise of militancy. Edited by Ravi Kalia.

Afghanistan: how the West lost its way. By Tim Bird and Alex Marshall.

East Asia and Pacific

Ballot box China: grassroots democracy in the final major one-party state. By Kerry Brown.

North America

Superpower illusions: how myths and false ideologies led America astray—and how to return to reality. By Jack F. Matlock Jr.

US policy towards Cuba since the Cold War. By Jessica F. Gibbs.

Latin America and Caribbean

¡Pachakutik! Indigenous movements and electoral politics in Ecuador. By Marc Becker.

Pachakutik and the rise and decline of the Ecuadorian indigenous movement. By Kenneth J. Mijeski and Scott H. Beck.