Book reviews

  • See also Marvin Kalb and Deborah Kalb, Haunting legacy: Vietnam and the American presidency from Ford to Obama, pp. 203–204.

  • See also Gideon Rachman, Zero-sum future: American power in an age of anxiety, pp. 165–66.


Books reviewed in this issue

International Relations theory

War, religion and empire: the transformation of international orders. By Andrew Phillips.

Contesting democracy: political ideas in twentieth-century Europe. By Jan-Werner Müller.

The Realist case for global reform. By William E. Scheuerman.

The Anglosphere: a genealogy of a racialized identity in international relations. By Srdjan Vucetic.

International organization, law and ethics

Zero-sum future: American power in an age of anxiety. By Gideon Rachman.

Conflict, security and defence

The changing character of war. Edited by Hew Strachan and Sibylle Scheipers.

War and ideas: selected essays. By John Mueller.

The Oxford international encyclopaedia of peace. Edited by Nigel J. Young.

Eliminating nuclear weapons: the role of missile defense. By Tom Sauer.

Governance, civil society and cultural politics

Islamism. By Anders Strindberg and Mats Wärn.

Thinking through Islamophobia: global perspectives. Edited by S. Sayyid and AbdoolKarim Vakil.

Islamophobia: the challenge of pluralism in the 21st century. Edited by John L. Esposito and Ibrahim Kalin.

Political economy, economics and development

Back from the brink: 1,000 days at Number 11. By Alistair Darling.

The global Minotaur: America, the true origins of the financial crisis and the future of the world economy. By Yanis Varoufakis.

Economics of good and evil: the quest for economic meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street. By Tomas Sedlacek.

The logic of discipline: global capitalism and the architecture of government. By Alasdair Roberts.

International history*

Human rights activism and the end of the Cold War. By Sarah B. Snyder.

The most controversial decision: Truman, the atomic bombs, and the defeat of Japan. By Wilson D. Miscamble.


Normative power Europe: empirical and theoretical perspectives. Edited by Richard G. Whitman.

Integrating the Balkans: conflict resolution and the impact of EU expansion. By Máire Braniff.

The European Union diplomatic service: ideas, preferences and identities. By Caterina Carta.

Russia and Eurasia

Post-imperium: a Eurasian story. By Dmitri Trenin.

Change or decay: Russia's dilemma and the West's response. By Lilia Shevtsova and Andrew Wood.

Middle East and North Africa

Rock the Casbah: rage and rebellion across the Islamic world. By Robin Wright.

Israel and Hezbollah: an asymmetric conflict in historical and comparative perspective. Edited by Clive Jones and Sergio Catignani.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Kenya: between hope and despair, 1963–2011. By Daniel Branch.

Politics in Africa: a new introduction. By Nana K. Poku and Anna Mdee.

The new scramble for Africa. By Pádraig Carmody.

South Asia

India: the road ahead. By Mark Tully.

India in the new South Asia: strategic, military and economic concerns in the age of nuclear diplomacy. By B. M. Jain.

Ghosts of Afghanistan: the haunted battleground. By Jonathan Steele.

On Afghanistan's plains: the story of Britain's Afghanistan wars. By Jules Stewart.

East Asia and Pacific

No exit: North Korea, nuclear weapons, and international security. By Jonathan D. Pollack.

North Korea: development, human rights and democracy. By North Korea Modernization Research Group.

North America*

Haunting legacy: Vietnam and the American presidency from Ford to Obama. By Marvin Kalb and Deborah Kalb.

Latin America and Caribbean

The origins of Mercosur: democracy and regionalization in South America. By Gian Luca Gardini.

Democratization and military transformation in Argentina and Chile: rethinking rivalry. By Kristina Mani.

The Bolivian revolution and the United States, 1952 to the present. By James F. Siekmeier.

Violent democratization: social movements, elites, and politics in Colombia's rural war zones, 1984–2008. By Leah Anne Carroll.