Using Biodata to Predict Turnover, Organizational Commitment, and Job Performance in Healthcare



The purpose of the present study was to test whether or not a biodata instrument could be used to predict turnover, organizational commitment, and job performance in healthcare organizations. A criterion-related, predictive validation strategy was used using a sample of 672 employees from two different hospitals in the southeastern United States. Supervisory ra0tings of organizational commitment and job performance were highly correlated with responses to the organizational commitment scale and the total score on the biodata instrument, respectively. Actual turnover was correlated with responses to the retention scale, although the effect size was small. Additionally, the study examined the fairness of biodata in this context as it relates to differences in performance among minority and non-minority candidates. The findings in this study suggest that using such an instrument may provide organizations with the potential to improve organizational commitment and job performance, while reducing turnover with minimal group differences.