Why Do Emotionally Intelligent People Have Positive Work Attitudes? The mediating role of situational judgment effectiveness


  • We presented an earlier version of this paper at the 24th Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.


Although research on emotional intelligence (EI) has shown that EI is positively associated with successful work outcomes, little is known about why this is true. The present study hypothesized and tested the intervening process of situational judgment effectiveness (SJE) in the relationships between EI and work attitudes. Using survey responses from 288 employees in South Korea, we found that EI was positively associated with SJE and work attitudes (job satisfaction and organizational commitment), and that the relationships between EI and the work attitudes were partially mediated by SJE. Overall, our finding has incremental contribution to the EI and work attitudes literatures by demonstrating that SJE plays an important role in understanding the EI–work attitudes relationship.