• data mining;
  • child welfare;
  • child protection;
  • practice-based research;
  • multidisciplinary;
  • collaboration

Lalayants M, Epstein I, Adamy D. Multidisciplinary consultation in child protection: a clinical data-mining evaluation

Int J Soc Welfare 2011: 20: 156–166 © 2010 The Author(s), International Journal of Social Welfare © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd and the International Journal of Social Welfare.

This article presents the results of an evaluation of a multidisciplinary consultation program in child protection by applying a clinical data-mining approach. Using available agency records, data concerning mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence consultations were extracted retrospectively for evaluative purposes. The results demonstrated that by examining existing records, child-protection practitioners were able to evaluate the existing practices as well as recognize areas for program improvement. Additionally, differential patterns emerged in consultation types. Lastly, a discussion of the strengths and limitations as well as implications of clinical data-mining studies is presented.