• ecological footprint;
  • ecological overshoot;
  • economic growth;
  • consumer society;
  • climate justice;
  • ecological justice;
  • social struggle;
  • structural change

Peeters J. A comment on ‘Climate change: Social workers’ roles and contributions to policy debates and interventions'

In this commenting article, I present several critical remarks about Lena Dominelli's contribution to the issue of climate change and its implications for social work.1 In my view, her article lacks three important considerations. First, I argue that the issue of climate change should be addressed as part of a broader, fundamental challenge: the transition of the growth-based economic system upon which our society is built. Second, within a context of social and ecological injustice, dealing with climate change inevitably requires a dimension of social struggle. Third and lastly, I emphasise social work's role in challenging the social, political and economic structures and processes that bring about climate change.