Expanding Catholicity through Ecumenicity in the Work of Yves Congar: Ressourcement, Receptive Ecumenism and Catholic Reform



With particular reference to Yves Congar (1904–95), this article first explores the relationship between ressourcement theology and the emergence of Catholic ecumenism. A critical issue is identified concerning the coherence of Congar's ecumenical work. In support of the reading pursued here – which finds a developing articulation of what has come to be called Receptive Ecumenism – Congar's three great works of ecumenical theology are closely engaged: Chrétiens désunis (1937); Chrétiens en dialogue (1964); Diversités et Communion (1982). The conclusion indicates the abiding significance of Congar's ecumenical work, which articulates a call to the fullness of catholicity into which Catholicism has still to grow.