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Pusey's ‘Lectures on Types and Prophecies of the Old Testament’: Implications for Eucharistic Theology



Edward Pusey's ‘Lectures on Types and Prophecies of the Old Testament’ remain unpublished and little known. Despite this they contain important insights exploring prophecy and sacramental theology based on the philosophical assumptions of moderate realism expressed through the notions of ‘type’ and ‘archetype’. This article explores Pusey's ‘Lectures’ with particular emphasis on sacramental realism. Pusey's philosophical insights concerning a moderate realist view of the Eucharist are discussed and links with eucharistic theology in the wider Anglican and other traditions are made. Links with the reflections of theologians and philosophers are also drawn out in an effort to establish that the ‘Lectures’ continue to be of value in the present and so deserving of wider appreciation and use.