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The Annunciation and Nativity: Undoing the Sinful Act of Eve



Employing the writings of Bernard of Clairvaux (1090–1153) and Bonaventure (1217–1274), I will first examine the theology of the Annunciation. I will examine the Annunciation through the specific hermeneutical lens employed by Bernard and Bonaventure themselves, that is, the mystery of the Annunciation can only be clearly perceived and properly understood when it is viewed as the undoing of the sinful work of Eve. Moreover, I want to argue that, since the Annunciation is the foundational Marian mystery, all other mysteries pertaining to Mary must equally be viewed through this same hermeneutical lens, that is, as the undoing of Eve's sinful act. With this principle in mind, I will conclude by attempting to advance the thought of Bernard and Bonaventure, in a manner that they did not, with regards to the Nativity, that is, that the Nativity must also be seen as the undoing of the sinful action of Eve.