Re-conceptualising the Clan Structure and Migration Pattern of the Tarok People



This study analyses the migration pattern of the Tarok people to their contemporary homeland, Langtang, in the Middle Belt of Nigeria. The framework is that the Tarok people are part of the Benue-Congo ethno-linguistic phylum. This conclusion is based on the assertion that the contemporary language that the Tarok people speak is of the Benue-Congo phylum. However, others of the Chadic ethno-linguistic phyla such as the Ngas, Boghom, Tel (Montol) and Yiwom joined the Benue-Congo Phylum and are given the full status of Tarokness. Also, Jukun, which are of the Benue Congo group, joined the Tarok and are given the same status as that of the Chadic. The study concludes that what is called the Tarok people are actually a consortium of many ethno-linguistic groups that mongrelized and gave birth to the Tarok people. This is because even though the cognate of the Tarok language is of the Benue-Congo phylum, their morphemes are a combination of the Benue Congo and Chadic ethno linguistic phylum.