The Causes and Impact of the Brain Drain in Institutions of Higher Learning in Zimbabwe



The brain drain of professionals has now become a major concern in developing countries, especially in Zimbabwe, in particular. In this study, we sought to determine: (a) the causes for the exodus of professionals; (b) the impact of the massive exodus of professionals on higher education; (c) the effects of the brain drain on the quality of graduate produced; and (d) possible solutions that could be used to curb the massive exodus of professionals. A sample of three employers, ten current and eight former lecturers, ten current students and five members of management were used in this study. We collected data using a questionnaire, interviews and focus group discussions. In this study, we found that the major push factors include low remuneration, low job satisfaction, collapse of funding, the political climate and declining currency exchange regimes, while the pull factors include attractive salaries and research and study opportunities, among others. Both push and pull factors caused the brain drain in Zimbabwe.